The ME Trust supports people with ME/CFS along with their families and their immediate community of carers.

Dr PaulWe offer help and support from a very experienced multi-disciplinary team. The team is led by Dr Paul Worthley, a trustee of The ME Trust, who has over 20 years’ experience of helping people with ME.

We offer individually tailored whole person care. ‘Whole person’ because it seeks to support you in whatever way is right for you physically, or emotionally or spiritually, and ‘individual’ because we tailor the support to your individual needs. ME has a wide spectrum of severity, and a wide spectrum of symptoms. There is no one size fits all.

An initial enquiry via our website will be forwarded to Hannah Clifton, our Director and the founder of the Trust. Hannah brings a deep understanding of what it can be like to have to live with ME/CFS.

She will offer a 15 minute telephone call free of charge and, if needed, forward your details to Dr Paul Worthley. An initial 15 minute telephone call with him to assess the best way forward is also free of charge. Subsequent telephone consultations with Dr Worthley would be at a rate of £40 per 30mins.

Our team currently offer supports by varied means, including phone, email, skype or home based. Dr Paul Worthley is often able to offer home visits, usually within the south/south-east of England. Depending on the travel time, the cost would be from £250.

We are currently looking at potential venues from which to offer face to face outpatient consultations, as part of our bigger vision which also includes the provision of inpatient care.

The ME Trust has limited funds, but may be able to assist in cases of financial need. This would be decided following discussion with our Director. We welcome donations to fund bursaries. Donate to help someone with M.E.