Patient Care from The M.E. Trust

In over 20 years as Senior Physician at Burrswood Hospital, our medical advisor trustee Dr Paul Worthley helped hundreds of patients with CFS/ME.

Dr Paul pioneered an individual approach to ME/CFS care, ensuring that each patient’s own specific needs and requirements are met. A Kent University showed ‘significant improvements in fatigue symptoms’ for patients.

Download the research by the University of Kent (pdf 250kb)

We aim to create Centres of Clinical Excellence, the first of their kind in the UK, based on this model of care. Experienced staff will offer each person with ME/CFS the physical, emotional and spiritual care that is mutually agreed as appropriate to their needs. There will be a culture of listening and understanding first, enabling care plans to be shaped around the perceived needs of each patients.

This model of care is ideal for the treatment of people with ME/CFS. The service should be expanded and a centre of excellence established, providing management support for people with ME/CFS.

Dr Luis Nacul, Clinical Senior Lecturer London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine], Director CURE-ME, Principal Investigator UK CFS/ME Biobank

Dr Mike CheshireSo many people fall through the existing care net. Sadly, specialist care is hard to find. We urgently need this Centre of Excellence.

Dr Mike Cheshire,
Royal College of Physicians Clinical VP 2007-10