Catherine’s Himalaya Trek


Catherine Berry is trekking in the Himalayas to raise money for the M.E. Trust. She celebrated her recovery from CFS/ME by climbing to Everest base camp in 2010. Suffering for almost 10 years, Catherine spent every afternoon in bed and sometimes had to crawl to get upstairs. After her recovery, Catherine challenged herself to take part in an expedition to Everest where she met her fiancé André.

On the 29th March 2012, Catherine and André are heading back to the Himalayas in support of the M.E. Trust. This time they aim to trek even higher – to the summit of Island Peak

Island Peak is a mountain in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal. It was first named Island Peak in 1951 as it can appear to be an island in a sea of ice. The peak was renamed Imja Tse in 1983 but Island Peak remains the popular choice. The summit was first climbed in 1956 by a Swiss team as a training exercise in preparation for Mount Everest.

Catherine will be climbing to an altitude of almost 6200 metres. She will be experiencing the effects of high altitude as well coping with steep slopes of snow and ice. Crampons, Ice axes, and ropes will be needed to make their ascent

This is an enormous challenge undertaken by only the fittest of trekkers. It is an outstanding endeavour for someone who has been as seriously ill as Catherine.

We wish Catherine and André a wonderful experience during their trek and thank them for helping the ME Trust to transform the lives of people with CFS/ME.


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