Neurological survey published

neurological-alliance-coverThe Neurological Alliance survey findings and recommendations Sept 2014 – ‘Is localism working for people with neurological conditions’ report has just been published. Highlights from the report include:

‘Neurological conditions have historically been poorly prioritised in the health and social care system. Neurological conditions are unique compared to other long term conditions – they are often not preventable, fluctuate considerably, can deteriorate rapidly and they last a lifetime. Lack of understanding and prioritisation has resulted in neurological services which are neither efficient nor person-led, creating a system which does not serve budget-holders or people affected by neurological conditions’

The vision of ‘no decision about me, without me’ – which we can all agree is desirable – will only be achieved with us each doing our part. This includes committing time, effort and resource to equipping and supporting people affected by neurological conditions, and people who represent them, to engage in new local structures. Structures will also need to open up so they are ready and willing to hear and act on individual’s views and ideas.’

Read the full report (pdf)

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