NICE change their classification of ME/CFS

Our Patron, the Countess of Mar, wrote last week to Professor Baker, Director at NICE, expressing concerning at NICE listing CFS as a Mental Health and Behavioural Condition as well as a Neurological Condition.

In her role as Chair of Forward ME, the Countess pointed out that the Department of Health had consistently confirmed that they agree with the WHO ICD10 listing of ME as a neurological disease in G93:3 (with CFS being linked to this classification) and that WHO have stated that no disease can appear under two separate categories. That same day NICE responded by removing CFS from the Mental Health section of the NICE website. The only listing for CFS (and ME) is now under neurological conditions. The Countess stepped in following a request from Tymes Trust.

The Forward ME group which meet in the House of Lords comprises numerous ME and CFS charities. The group met with Prof Baker in June to discuss the inadequacies of the NICE guideline on ME/CFS and to campaign for change.

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