Our Patron the Countess of Mar states people with ME/CFS are treated “abominably” by caring professions – in House of Lords debate

The Countess of Mar, who also chairs the Forward ME Group of ME charities, made the following statement during a short debate on ‘NHS: Medical Competence and Skill’ in the House of Lords (7 January 2014).

My Lords, I, too, am grateful to the noble Lord, Lord Parekh, for introducing this Question for Short Debate this evening.

I encounter almost daily cases where people with ME/CFS and others with medically unexplained physical symptoms, known as MUPS, are treated abominably by members of supposedly caring professions. For example—and it is by no means an isolated example—a young man of 17 had problems with tolerating foods since he was a small baby. Standard tests could provide no clear reason. By the time he was 16 he was diagnosed by consultant paediatricians at both St Thomas’ and Great Ormond Street hospitals as being extremely reactive to almost all foods and was restricted to a prescribed liquid diet, as none of the consultants had any other resolution. Eventually he was admitted to an environmental medicine polyclinic, where I am also treated, where he has been treated with low-dose immunotherapy and nutritional supplementation. Over a period of a few months, from being able to tolerate no foods he is now eating 33 different foods with few problems.

Read the Countess’s full Speech in the debate on NHS: Medical Competence and Skill

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