Reflection on ME in the UK Media

 Today has been a challenging day for many in the ME community. I listened and read some of the media coverage of Prof Sharpe’s study, and heard some of the heart rendering stories of people with this dreadful illness.

I had ME for 12 years and was bed-bound in severe pain for many of those. I fell through the existing care nets in the country- as many of us sadly do. I was told by my GP that I probably would not get better. I finally went to Burrswood Hospital.

They have no ‘magic wand’. There is no ‘one size fits all’ for people this wide spectrum of disease. Burrswood offered me ‘whole person care’ – physical, emotional and spiritual- and tailored it to my individual needs, having listened first. After my recovery, I set up the ME Trust with the aim of bringing this model of care to all who might benefit from it. Kent University’s two year study on Burrswoods work with ME patients has very encouraging results and reflects a hospital culture where listening and understanding are paramount. I took time out this afternoon to walk around a lake today – in bright sunshine, and pain free.

How I long for that choice for others.

Hannah Clifton – Founder of The ME Trust

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