Statement from Burrswood Hospital

Burrswood Hospital has issued the following statement:

It was with regret that the senior clinical team and the senior management team of Burrswood recently reached the decision to suspend the clinical inpatient service for people with CFS/ME at the most severe end of the spectrum. Our exclusion criteria for CFS/ME patients are as follows:

  • History of being entirely bed bound;
  • Entirely dependent on others for all care including feeding;
  • Severe sensory hypersensitivity.

It is my understanding that the exclusion applies to people satisfying ALL three of the criteria and that the hospital policy continues to be that they will seek to admit people with ME whenever possible. Any person with ME at the severe end of the spectrum, who does not satisfy ALL three of the criteria, is therefore invited to apply for admission.

The ME/CFS service at Burrswood was appraised in 2015 by Kent University who reported ‘Patients described Burrswood staff as having expert knowledge of CFS/ME, sympathy and intuitive understanding of the illness.’ Burrswood are currently reviewing the service and the ME Trust is pleased to have been asked to contribute to that process.

The ME Trust continues to work in close association with this exceptional facility and endeavours to bring its pioneering care and treatment to all who can benefit.

Hannah Clifton

ME Trust Founder [and former Burrswood patient]

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