Looping London for ME

Nicky HandcockNicky Handcock is walking 150 miles to help The ME Trust set up desperately needed services for people with ME. She would be delighted to have your sponsorship – and invites you to join her.

You can support Nicky on her Virgin Giving page. Could you ‘loop London’ with Nicky and help people with ME?

Nicky says:

In 2017 I have set myself a challenge to walk 1000 miles, and a big part of this will be to walk the 150 mile London Loop. This follows the outer edges of Greater London, within the M25, and covers many stretches of unexpectedly beautiful countryside, all hidden within the noise and chaos of the city.

I am splitting the walk up into around 15 sections and aiming to average 10 miles on each stretch, steadily completing the distance throughout the year and aiming to finish by the autumn. I am hoping that different friends, family and supporters will be able to join me for different sections.

Fortunately my ME, which I have had for 10 years, is very mild indeed these days, and rarely prevents me from going out and living life to the full. I am raising funds for the people whose symptoms are considerably more severe than mine and who are therefore unable to go out and enjoy their lives in the way that I can.


You can support Nicky via her Virgin Money Giving Page.

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