Dr goes extra mile for People with ME

Dr Gareth TuckwellWalking 30 miles in ONE day to provide individualised support for People with ME.

Dr Gareth Tuckwell has worked alongside Dr Paul Worthley for many years, first as physician and then as CEO, and now as Chairman of our board. He and his wife Mary write:

The ME Trust urgently needs funds to provide individualised treatment and care for people with ME/CFS… This challenge is very stretching for us; our ages add up to 132 years and we are not as fit as we could be; none the less we see this massive walk as symbolic as we long for each person with ME/CFS to regain their strength, their mobility, their enjoyment of light and sound, and of course, to be free of pain.

Please support Gareth and Mary by donating on their Virgin Money Giving page…

You can also donate via our website or send a cheque (made payable to The M.E. Trust) to our office at 16 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EG. (Please let us know it’s in support of Gareth and Mary’s walk.)

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