Journal of Health Psychology – Special Issue: The PACE Trial – The Making of a Medical Scandal

Today the Journal of Health Psychology has published a special edition entitled “The Pace Trial – The Making of a Medical Scandal”.

In the introduction of the special edition, David Marks, Editor of the JHP states:

We are proud that this issue marks a special contribution by the Journal of Health Psychology to the literature concerning interventions to manage adaptation to chronic health problems.

The PACE Trial debate reveals deeply embedded differences between critics and investigators. It also reveals an unwillingness of the co-principal investigators of the PACE trial to engage in discussion and debate.

It leads one to question the wisdom of such a large investment from the public purse (£5 million) on what is a textbook example of a poorly done trial.

ME/CFS research has been poorly served by the PACE Trial and a fresh new approach to treatment is clearly warranted.

On the basis of this Special Issue, readers can make up their own minds about the scientific merits and demerits of the PACE Trial. It is to be hoped that the debate will provide a more rational basis for evidence-based improvements to the care pathway for hundreds of thousands of patients.

You can read the full copy of special edition for free online…

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