The ME Trust is speaking up for people who often literally can’t speak for themselves.
Hannah Clifton, Director

The ME Trust is the UK’s only charity dedicated to funding and providing individual patient treatment for people with ME/CFS. As well as listening and caring for the needs of the whole person, we offer encouragement and support to families, carers and friends.

Our work also helps raise awareness and support research.

Our 2018-2021 Strategy

Our three year strategy sets out our goals for developing and expanding our services. These include starting a new specialist ME Trust nurse service in 2019, providing online training for healthcare professionals and helping to develop inpatient services. Read/Download our 2018-2021 strategy (pdf 600kb).

Our Vision

To bring hope and transformational care to all affected by ME/CFS.

We aim to transform the landscape of service provision so that accessible, expert, patient-led care is available across the UK for all those who need it.

Our Mission

To provide multi-disciplinary care and support based on a persons individual needs.

We focus on delivering services directly to people with ME/CFS, their carers and family. We do this is in a variety of ways to in order to reach people with all levels of severity of ME nationwide.

Our Values

All our work is shaped and characterised by these core values.

Respect, Determination, Dignity, Openness, Compassion, Choice


“The telephone support that I have found in The ME Trust feels like a buoyancy aid when my world has been flooded.  I have felt cut adrift and it did frighten me. It is a comfort to be properly heard, as well as giving me wise counsel to guide my steps in re-learning a different approach to my life with ME/CFS.”
F. Scotland

“My son has severe ME & has been in hospital for almost a year. I contacted The ME Trust for some help & advice & they have been invaluable to me & my son. Both Hannah & Dr Paul have been so kind, compassionate, understanding & most helpful to our situation. Numerous phone calls & emails supporting us both.  Dr Paul has been to see my son twice, has attended an MDT meeting at the hospital, offering his advice & knowledge, to both us & the medical team, which has helped enormously. The medics valued his input & have acted on his experience & expertise. We cannot thank Hannah & Dr Paul enough!”
D, Sussex