Emotional Support and Counselling

When you are referred for emotional support, or for counselling sessions, you will be given the name of a counsellor to contact who will offer a free 15-minute telephone conversation with you. This one/off session is designed to explore your particular circumstances in order to get an understanding of how the support service can be best adapted to suit your individual needs. This session has a questions and answers format which may seem a bit formal, but it is important in order to help us understand how we can help you in the best way possible.

The counsellor will offer you one of our two available services:

Supportive Sessions Service

  • These sessions are supportive in nature and the emphasis is on listening and offering support
  • They are on request
  • They are open-ended [not limited to any number of sessions]

In any week, after the 15-minute initial appointment, you can phone, email or text the counsellor and request a session for that particular week. Each session will be only on request from you. The counsellor will not schedule regular weekly/fortnightly/monthly sessions.

Counselling Service

  • These sessions are supportive and are more therapeutic in nature (they may include strategies and goals on how to deal with anxiety, low moods, …)
  • Sessions are weekly or fortnightly and are booked into the diary on a regular basis
  • Counselling may be time-limited or ongoing

Things that will be discussed during the 15-minute initial free session are:

What is your preferred way of communicating for the moment?

Phone / Skype

Length of sessions:

Up to 15 min – up to 30 min – up to 50 min


Weekly – fortnightly – on request

What do you see as the focus of the sessions for the moment?

  • Need to talk
  • Strategies, ways to cope better
  • Combination of the two

Any particular needs to be taken into account.

The counsellor contacts you at the agreed time for your sessions. If the counsellor does not get a response, he/she will leave a message and phone again 5 minutes later. If the counsellor does not get a response to the second call, then he/she will leave a second message inviting you to contact him/her again at another time.


  • Up to 50 minutes £40
  • Up to 30 minutes £20

Cancellation of appointment: – 24 hours’ notice of cancellation is requested. The counsellors reserve the right to charge 50% of the fee should less notice be given.