Stories of People The M.E. Trust has helped

Jessica has taken her first steps in NINE years after being confined to bed with severe ME…

Jessica was diagnosed with ME at the age of 14. She has endured pain, exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, poor concentration and headaches. She says, ‘I have spent almost a decade in bed, there have been times when I couldn’t move…’ For two years she had to be fed through a tube and for 18 months she was unable to speak. She was so sensitive to light and noise that she had to wear sunglasses and ear protectors.

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Anne’s journey to recovery from long-term severe ME

“I have been very fortunate to stay at Burrswood hospital twice, and both occasions marked a significant turning point for me. In June 2009, I stayed four weeks after being housebound with severe ME for twelve years (I was functioning at about 20%). I couldn’t walk more than a few metres, and even occasional short outings in the car would set me back so much they really weren’t worth it. I spent my days alternating between my armchair and my bed, and struggled to manage a shower once a week, even with help from the carers who came in three times a day.

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Kareen’s Story of Hope After 18 Years of Struggle

I had been bedbound at home with ME/CFS for 18 years. After pleading with my doctor for hospital care, I was told there was nothing available to help me. Then a friend gave me a magazine article about Hannah Clifton and her recovery from ME. I immediately thought, ‘I want that!’

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Jo L’s Story

I have been unwell since 2006. I was bed bound for months at a time and eventually in 2010 became completely bed bound.

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Tom’s Story

The support, care & love has been absolutely brilliant. I was bed bound for a year in hospital.

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